Is steam cleaning render advised?

Is steam cleaning render advised?

Stream cleaning is undoubtedly one of the best cleaning techniques in the industry. A DOFF Steam Cleaner is the industry standard piece of equipment, producing steam at the nozzle of 150c – at these temperatures, will eliminate all forms of organic growth, including moss, algae, lichens and fungi. But with these sort of temperatures – does it cause a risk to render?

The answer is yes.

Render has a silicone content in and that heat will interact with the silicone resulting in blown render. It may not happen immediately and you may even get a successful clean on the surface but what is not known is the damage it’s done to the composition to the render. Obviously, if you’re cleaning deep into the render with high pressure steam, you can only see the surface and all the bonding silicons within can’t be seen, so its probably best to stay away from companies who use steam for render.

This just isn’t our opinion either, the manufacturers of steam cleaning machines also do not advocate using their system on render, and clearly state its made for cleaning stone, concrete, granite, timber, terracotta etc – its not in any softwashing handbook to use steam on render and therefore not advocated by K-Rend as softwash chemicals are approved to use.

There isn’t anything soft about 150c steam, so don’t be fooled into thinking steam is a good choice for your render, no matter how many projects they have done. If nobody recommends it except for the company selling you the service, you know they’ve not got your properties best interests at heart and are looking to cut costs, time & corners to get the job complete.

Link to DOFF Steam Cleaning systems here

Spent a bit of time on Google and you won’t find many using other than directed.

If you are looking for advise on softwashing techniques, please do not hesitate to get in contact.




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