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Paint Removal

Paint removal can be a tedious and time consuming process without the proper equipment. Our equipment makes it incredibly quick & easy in comparison to traditional paint removal techniques. This time lapse gives a clue into the speed and efficiency our paint removal services.

  • ThermaTech Super Heated System
  • 150°c Water Strips Paint
  • No hazardous chemicals required for modern paints
  • Removes Paint in 1/4 of the time
  • Abrasive attachments is required
  • Satisfaction guaranteed, everytime

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  • Competitive Rates
  • Fully insured
  • National Coverage
  • Satisfaction Guranteed

Save money with a roof & render project ‘same time’ clean

Moss is a roofs worst enemy

Delicate roof cleaning services

A professional roof clean is the finishing touch for many house proud homeowners and will boost the curb appeal of your property by brightening up the exterior of your home. As well as giving homes a well maintained look it will solve all problems that heavy moss growth causes such as regular blocked guttering and put an end to moss dropping around the grounds of your home, decking, patio or conservatory.

mitieclean adopt the most delicate roof cleaning techniques to provide customers with an effective, long lasting & professional roof cleaning service. Utilising the best equipment and chemicals, our service provides long lasting results that look amazing and does not involve the use of a a pressure washer.

The most common issue with roofs and other external surfaces across the UK is the unwanted growths of moss, algae, lichen and fungal colonisations. This is the number one reason the natural colour of the surface is lost or hidden. Our non-aggressive roof cleaning service removes excess moss and more importantly, treats the organic contamination.


  • Prepare – manually remove moss growth.
  • Clear gutters & down pipes.
  • Undertake any necessary tile replacements or repairs.
  • Thorough tidy of property perimeter & waste collection.
  • Chemical softwash treatment.

Remember, No pressure washing; and no expensive artificial roof coatings. 

Moss on roofs

Is it a problem?

Most roofs will experience moss or lichen growth, particularly in North facing roofs and while small patches of growth are not usually a problem. If the moss is untreated and allowed to develop further it can become a problem for the roof and the rest of the property for a number of reasons:

  • Moss acts like a sponge, absorbing large amounts of moisture and resulting in your roof being constantly wet. If this moisture travels underneath the tiles, it could rot the wooden components of the roof, threatening structural integrity and leading to costly repairs.
  • The main benefit of a pitched roof is the easy drainage of precipitation due to the sloped angle. However, moss can obstruct the path of the water by absorbing the moisture instead of letting it drain away.
  • Moss can break off and fall into gutters or downpipes, blocking your drainage system. If this issue is not spotted, it could potentially lead to parts of your drainage system requiring replacement.
  • Roof moss could potentially attract bird and insect life, which is not beneficial for the aesthetic value of your roof, e.g. defactation. Birds can also break up moss, dislodging these pieces and causing them to drop into your gutters or downpipes.
  • Moss is incredibly heavy, especially when wet & there is always more moss than you may think. Roofs are designed to only bare the weight of the tiles and the constant dead-weight pushing down on roofs is a load-bearing problem that will impact the structure of the roof over a long period of time.

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Save money with our top-to-bottom cleaning services

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We only use the best of the best when it comes to cleaning chemicals. All our chemicals are environmentally responsible and legal compliant

There’s a time and a place for steam cleaning and K-Rend (and other types) of brands do not recommend steam.

Biocide softwashing chemicals have a wide range of uses and will keep all surfaces perpetually clean once fully treated

No expensive scaffolding is needed on residential properties as chemical is pumped through hoses at low pressure, giving customers a totally cost effective & safe solution compared to painting


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